Musical Instruction:

- Private lessons of electric bass Franco Carradori.

- CAM Scandicci with Francesca Taranto for electric bass and Alessandro Fabbri.

- Summer international masterclasses at Siena Jazz, two editions studying with Furio Di Castri, Piero Leveratto, Massimo Manzi, Francesco Petreni.

- Private lessons of electric bass Stefano Allegra.

- Private lessons of double bass Filippo Pedol.

- Private lessons of electric bass Andrea Cozzani.

Musical Collaborations:

Since the year 2000 he has played with "Pippo Antonini & the Blues Train" in many clubs in Italy, sharing the stage with Alberto Marsico, Pietro Taucher, Michele Papadia, Paolo Peewee Durante,Ptah Brown, Riccardo Focacci, Cris Pacini, Mimmo Mollica, Matteo Sodini, Paolo Meneghini. He has recorded two CD's with this band: the first one titled "calling San Francisco..." in 2001, and the second, in two versions, called "The time has come" (English) - "el tiempo llegò" (Spanish) in 2009.

He tours one year with Nick Becattini and Serious Fun during the winter of 2001, and restarts the collaboration during 2011 untill nowadays.

He tours three years with "Rudy Rotta band", from 2007 to 2010, traveling across the whole of Europe playing many clubs and festivals. During this time he gets the chance to collaborate with: Ana Popovic, Darryl Jones, Connie Lush, Luca Olivieri, Liela Avila, John Avila. With this band records a CD called "Blue Inside", together with Adriano Molinari, Pier Mingotti, Michele Papadia.

In the same period he plays with two more loco bands:

- "Mr. Banana Band" sharing the stage with Peaches Staten, Steve Arvey, Pietro Taucher, Enrico Crivellaro and release the first CD "Come from here" in 2012.

- Roberto Uggiosi releases his album "D'Istinto" during 2010 with the trio called "Stay Free Band".

Other experiences are:

- jazz big band "Duke of Abruzzi" and "camTET" directed by Alessandro Fabbri since 2002 until 2005.

- Gospel School called "Revolution Gospel School" directed by Leandro Morganti since 2010.

- Music school "L'ottava nota" in Poggio a Caiano directed by Maestro Alessandro Bernardi as electric bass teacher.

Recorded bass in last CD by Numa called "Il Periodo" during 2014 summer and released in 2015.

2015 engaged a collaboration with the brand new projet "Shoes and Pills in Golden Castle" toghether with two great musicians, Giacomo Castellano (Nannini, Elisa, Raf, Zucchero, Pelù) and Giuseppe Scarpato (Edoardo Bennato).